U.S. Economic Development Issues:

A Focus on Mississippi and Beyond

Strategic thinking requires considering all aspects of a situation, determining where synergies exist, and bringing different entities together to create solutions that are mutually beneficial, sustainable and create value.  In looking at issues in the U.S., no state offers more challenges to economic and social development than Mississippi.  At the same time, Mississippi is a state of almost unrivaled natural resource potential in land, water and available labor.  
A primary program under design at Maxey Information Services is an assessment of the constraints and potential solutions to advance social and economic development in Mississippi.

Mississippi faces high levels of poverty, disease and academic challenges.  Finding ways to promote education, preventative health care and access to higher paying jobs is critical to moving Mississippi forward.


Mississippi has the opportunity to improve its education systems, promote healthy life styles, and provide incentives for companies to locate their activities in the state.  


In order to move forward communities across the state need to come together to create synergy, develop joint programs that address key issues, and leverage greater public and private sector investment.

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