Bing Giving Instructions

Marie Maxey Foundation

You can support your favorite charity by using the Microsoft Bing Search Engine. Download a PowerPoint slide with hyper-links to walk you through the process. Or better yet, send me an email at and I will provide you instructions on how to sign up for Bing Giving.


Microsoft will donate up to $4.50 a month to your designated charity after you sign up for Microsoft Rewards and then create a Bing Giving account. The process takes about five minutes. Every time you use the Bing Search engine, you generate $0.005 for your charity. Our experience indicates that normal search engine use per month generates any where from $2.00 to $3.00. At the end of each month, Microsoft will send your donation to your designated charity.


Find out how to painlessly support your favorite charity. We, of course, hope you will support the Marie Maxey Foundation.

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