MRTA Hostage Event

Newspaper headlines the day after

the hostage event started.

The entrance to Ambassador Aoki's residence.

The reception was held in the back of the residence under a huge canopy.

All the guests were in the back of the residence when the attack occurred.

I was placed in Room F along with other other foreign diplomats -- my USAID and US embassy colleagues were there.  A future president of Peru was also in our room, Alejandro Toledo (who is currently -- May 2017 -- being sought by Interpol for his alleged receipt of $20 million in bribes from the  Brazilian construction company  Odebrecht  during his presidency).

The release of Alberto Yamamoto - January 1997.

A photo of Alberto Yamamoto and me after our release from the MRTA hostage event in Lima, Peru, in January 1997. Alberto was my Peruvian counterpart on the Alternative Development Program. He managed INADE (the National Development Institute). We were working hard to help Peruvian farmers grow specialty coffee instead of coca leaf the high jungle. During the time we were hostages, Alberto stole this MRTA flag from one of the terrorists who had fallen asleep.

Ambassador's Aoki's Residence after the liberation of the hostages in April 1997.

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