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This is a presentation that I made in October 2015 for a coffee and climate initiative.

Climate & Coffee Initiative

Issues that will be faced in Arabica coffee production areas in the next 20 to 30 years.

The Problem

Increasing temperatures impacting Arabica coffee production.

Map of Coffee and Climate Issues

Mapping the problem to determine where coffee & climate change will cause negative impacts.

Action Needed

Action is needed to identify the areas most at risk and then to plan mitigation efforts.

Proposed Action

In 2015, this is the proposal that I drafted to address coffee and climate issues.

Schematic for Action

I created a schematic of the different entities that could work together to address this issue.

Next Steps

I proposed a way forward that included drafting an unsolicited proposal for funding by aid agency with an initial budget of $100,000.


There was a general discussion of the issue and potential plans to help define and address it but no final proposal was drafted.

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