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I have developed a system based on US Census data and other sources to rapidly assess demographics for Central American Northern Triangle origin populations in the US.  We can do this down to the census tract level (approximately a 10 block area in a city). With this information, we could then identify potential constraints on local services, opportunities for business development, and social and political problems.  I would be happy to provide a presentation on the theoretical background on the Central American demographic issue and what the demographic experts believe will continue to happen in this area.  I can also talk about the potential negative impacts and how concerned entities could identify issues, develop and implement solutions, Finally, I can discuss how to keep key stakeholders informed and engaged in funding appropriate solutions.  The potential to generate new consulting service and program implementation business could be significant using this approach.  


Product - Demographic mapping and support services to (1) identify and pinpoint Central American origin populations in the US down to the census tract level, (2) define potential problems and opportunities and their economic impact, and (3) provide program design and implementation solutions to address negative outcomes and/or take advantage of opportunities.


Value Proposition - Using this demographic mapping system and support services local, state and federal government entities, public school districts, Congressional offices, private businesses depending on Hispanic labor, etc. could be supported to (1) understand how their annual operating  budgets might be impacted by current and future demographic changes, (2) develop plans to mitigate impact on local community services (education, health, economic development, etc.), and (3) provide specific design and implementation assistance for proposed activities.  An overarching value of this approach would be to provide these entities with a fact-based, persuasive argument for the types of federal and state funding needed to address demographic change. It would also support their ability to design and implement effective programs.


Cost - Senior Program Advisor - 12 month level of effort - $150,000 - to work with in-house staff to: (1) design a final business strategy tailored to the strengths of company's consulting services areas of practice for public and private entities; (2) design and implement an outreach marketing strategy targeting high potential clients who would substantially benefit from understanding potential budget impact of demographic change; and (3) provide consulting services in "best practices" program design and implementation for education, economic development, conflict mitigation, etc to US and Central American entities impacted by demographic change.


Price - The price charged for these consulting and program design and implementation services to US and Central American entities impacted by demographic change would be the standard consulting, program design and implementation fees normally charged.  This could be a new line of business for consulting firms currently focused primarily on international development.  The new market would be local, state and federal agencies, school districts, private companies, etc across the US. It could also be a service that would be valuable to policy makers, lobbying firms, and Congressional offices.


Returns - With $3.7 billion already being mentioned by the Administration to address an immediate problem of child immigrants from Central America, there may be significant public and private investments in this area in the immediate, mid-term and, potentially, long-term periods. A key aspect of the market outreach strategy under this approach would be to highlight to affected entities the potential economic impact of demographic change (both good and bad impacts), describe the opportunities and their value, and provide a solution that significantly reduces costs associated to demographic change, helps communities better cope, and provides a fact-based approach to designing policies.


Market Strategy - By mapping key areas that have the highest potential for negative impact from existing and future demographic change, we would be able to segment the market and target public and private entities that would more readily understand the value of the services being offered.  A marketing outreach strategy could be developed and implemented specifically targeting those entities.  There would also be an outreach campaign with key stakeholders to explain the costs, opportunities and actions needed to competently plan for demographic change that would include local, state and federal offices, Congressional offices and key Executive branch agencies.


Central America Concept Presentation



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