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Hispanic Youth in Forest, Mississippi:
The Placement of Unaccompanied Children 2015 - 2023

From 2015 through 2023, 430 Unaccompanied Children were placed in Forest, Mississippi, by the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services.  Forest has  5,430 residents, and of these, 1,841 are Hispanic. 


According to the Census Bureau, 1 in 4 residents is under 18, and 1 in 5 is below the poverty level.  The total population under 19 is 1,516 young people.  More than 25 percent of the population speaks a language other than English in their home.  Thirty percent of the population is Hispanic. 


Of the Unaccompanied Children that were placed in the town, 125 were female, and 303 were male.  The overwhelming majority of the children are from Guatemala (416 - Guatemala, 5 - Mexico, 6 - Honduras, 3 - El Salvador). 


There are three poultry processing plants: Tysons Foods, Koch Foods, and Forest Packing Company.  The companies employ 5,500 people.  Raytheon also has a plant in Forest and it employs 650 employees.  See the link to the Excel file for Mississippi. 

Current Population Demographics of Forest, Mississippi
Source: US Census

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