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Jamaica Ministry of National Security Strategy

The Ministry of National Security recently reviewed the results of the Citizen Security and Justice Program III Case Management Approach.  The evaluation and findings of this review are located here.

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This report was prepared in 2020 and was financed by the Inter-American Development Bank, United Kingdom - DIFID,  and Global Affairs Canada.  The four central observations are (1) there is a high level of social dysfunction in vulnerable communities, (2) crime prevention must utilize community human resources, (3) there is an urgent need for a robust and sustained social norms campaign, and (4) multi-agency collaboration is critical.  The report highlighted the negative social and criminal impact experienced by youth that have lost hope for a better future.

Other studies and reports by the Ministry of National Security can be found here.

Note: USAID Jamaica signed a grant with the Ministry of National Security for a violence prevention in targeted  vulnerable communities and schools in Jamaica.   This Government to Government (G2G) activity will support collaboration between communities and police to increase citizen security and reduce homicide levels in targeted communities. The activity will improve police-youth relations, encouraging tolerance, appreciation of the law, and behavior that reduces violence and promotes community safety.

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