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USAID Yemen Agriculture Project


The Community Livelihoods Project (CLP) agriculture component implemented some innovative activiites to enhance local production and quality.  One example is the greenhouse models that were put in place using solar panels to power drip irrigation pressure systems as well as ventilation for greenhouses.  The result was significantly decreased water use, increased production and quality as well as a reduction in the amount of pesticides used.  A link to the CLP agriculture program evaluation is below.

Horticulture terraces in Raymah governorate, Al-Gabeen district, where new techniques in the use of modern drip irrigation systems and modern farming methods were introduced by the USAID Community Livelihood Project (CLP), resulting in a significant impact in terms of productivity and reduction in labor and water usage, as well as improvements in the quality of production through the rational use of agrochemicals. Farmers ingeniously adopted CLP greenhouse technology to make lower cost versions with locally purchased materials (the green, elongated shapes visible in the center-left of the photograph). Photo credit: Jamal Baathar.

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