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South County Cares Capital Campaign


South County Capital Campaign

Priority Activities 



  1. Geographic Focus – Determine our focus area (up to13 zip codes - 300,000 residents).  Goal is to address pockets of poverty, hunger and vulnerable households by (a) prioritizing activities, (b) creating “action plans” with budgets and timelines, (c) determining funding needs, and (d) launching a capital campaign to finance programs.


  1. Potential Activities – Programs to address food insecurity, housing needs, childcare needs, outreach to youth, care for the elderly, and support to female headed households.  South County is uniquely positioned to undertake community outreach – we live and work in these communities and we are involved in community activities. 


  1. Next Steps –


  • Define geographic focus, identify the community problems we want to address and then develop a strategy for a capital campaign to raise funds for one or more enterprises (coffee house, lodging/training facility, and/or other activity) that would generate income and create the means for a sustainable solution.


  • Establish sub-committees to develop plans for each area, type of problem to be addressed, timeframe for implementation, and strategy for obtaining the funding needed to implement the program.  Goal should be on creating sustainable (self-funding solutions where possible).


  • Initiate a capital campaign by presenting the different enterprise concepts to potential donors.  The concepts that garnered the necessary funding would be the ones that would move forward.  The idea would be to solicit support from both faith-based and secular entities.  




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