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Immigration Impacts Local Communities

Washington Post articles on October 21, 2013 highlight the impact of increased number of students in Fairfax County, Virginia which is causing a $140 million deficit in the school system's $2.5 billion budget.  The fact that many of those students are children of immigrants is briefly mentioned in the articles.  When you start looking at demographic issues locally, you see some real impacts on our school system and social services.  The graphic below based on Fairfax County Public School System illustrates the significant increase of Hispanic origin students; up more than 46% increase over a five year period (2006 - 2011).  If you do the math, you come up with an extra cost of approximately $165 million due to Hispanic student increase from 2006 to 2011 (increase of Hispanic students from 26,761 to 39,263 at a 2011 per student cost of $12,597).


The current shortfall is $140 million which is close to the extra cost that could be expected from the increase in the student population of Fairfax County.  You can read the Washington Post articles at Fairfax County Faces Tough Challenges and We Won't Be Fairfax County Anymore published on October 21, 2013.

Shared Value Immigration Reform
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